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BIGBANG @ Lotte Premiere Talk Show 2011 (110122) [PHOTOS]

January 23, 2011 From the JVIP fan meeting in Seoul yesterday. Photos and fancams from the event will probably be scarce just like last year because filming was strictly not allowed. Photo of the members below is actually just a souvenir which you can buy after the event ;) Credits: DCInside + Bestiz + happyrichlife

BIGBANG to hold a fan meeting in Seoul this January

December 17, 2010 Lotte Duty Free Shop will be holding another BIGBANG fan meeting this coming January 22 in Seoul. The 2010 BIGBANG Lotte Premiere Talk Show was just held last August and Lotte has partnered up with YG once again to give fans an opportunity to meet and interact with BIGBANG. The program line-up for the 2011… View Article